Sunday, February 9, 2014

Paleo Challenge: Week 4 & 5

Good morning people! Where have I been?  There is a thing called work and being busy that gets in the way of blogging.  I mean maybe if I got paid to blog that would be a different thing buttttt that is not happening...

I have combined the past two weeks in the post.  There may be a few differences than the past 3 weeks. Such as I may have had an alcoholic drink (WHAT?!) or some paleo banana bread! AH! But you know what...I don't care.  Seriously, I had a time in my life where I looked at certain foods in a negative way and how many calories were in that meal or how many grams of fat I had consumed. It was just so exhausting...I am SO over that time in my life.  Life is too short people!

With that being said.  It's not like I totally went off the challenge and demolished an entire cake.  I kept with drinks that contained limited additives or sugars and didn't get sh** faced and kept with "paleofied" banana bread with limited added sugars. Therefore, screw you Paleo police if you have a problem with that ;)

-Eggs + spinach + salsa
-Omelette ( bacon & bacon, turkey & spinach)
-Hardboiled eggs + coconut butter balls
-Burger + spinach + paleo garlic muffin

*All breakfast had coffee (duh)

-Applegate chicken sausages + sweet potato fries
-Spaghetti squash + bison burger + marinara sauce
-Burger + spinach
-Baked chicken + avocado + broccoli
-Omelette + sweet potato fries

-Burger + spaghetti squash + marinara sauce
-Chipotle!!!!! (salad, carnitas, guac, pico, fajita veggies)
-Chicken thighs + asparagus + carrot fries
-Wegmans salad bar (spinach, hard boiled eggs, chicken, broccoli, cauliflower)

-Celery + almond butter
-Coconut butter balls
-Banana bread (paleo)
-Carrots + cashew butter

 -CrossFit (3x during the week)
-45 min. treadmill run/walk
-Spin class (45 min.)
-Strength circuit

-Eggs + bacon + broccoli
-Eggs + banana bread (w/ almond butter)   
-Shredded chicken + banana bread (again ;)
-Paleo pancake + chicken sausage 

-Meatballs + spaghetti squash + celery/carrots
-Bison burgers + guacamole + celery
-Shredded chicken + butternut squash
-Tuna Salad ( lettuce, ahi tuna, mandarin oranges, cabbage, radish, orange vinegarette)
-Chicken Salad (lettuce, grilled chicken, hardboiled eggs, cucumbers, broccoli, brussel sprouts) 

-Burger + guacamole + broccoli
-Omelette + asparagus
-Chipotle (carnitas salad, same as week before)
-Shredded chicken + butternut squash
-Chicken sausage + broccoli + sweet potato

-Celery/carrots + almond butter
-Coconut butter balls
-Applegate turkey
-Sweet potato 
-Avocado cocoa pudding
-Banana bread 
-Bloody Mary (!!!), Dark & Stormy (gingerbeer in this was fabulous)

-CrossFit (4 days)
-Spin class (45 min.)
-Yoga (2 days)
-Strength circuit  
Overall, I am still happy with my progress.  My stomach is still doing great!  I have also noticed through this challenge what foods make me feel better than others (certain veggies). Some of them I try to stay away from considering their effects on my body. For example, peppers make me burp a lot. Not saying these foods are "bad" for me just that digestively they are not the best for my body.  It's interesting! 

Well I will be back next week for my overall thoughts of the 6 week challenge! Have a good one!

 Keep training hard!

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