Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6.19 WOD

Happy Tuesday! Giving you all a quick workout that I completed this morning before work. It's less than 30 minutes so you will have no excuse not to fit it in today! Take a look...

6 rounds of each exercise (:20 seconds work/:10 seconds rest)

1. Burpee + tuck jump

2. Jump Lunges

3. Elevated Push up + knee tucks

4. Sumo Squat + twist

5. Dive Bombers

6. V-ups

**Try a 5 minute warm-up of (jumping jacks, high knees, lateral runs, etc.) Set your interval timer to :20 & :10 (I use a GYMBOSS). Begin with exercise 1 and go through that exercise for 6 rounds, then go to exercise 2, etc. until you finish with exercise 6. Do a quick stretch after the circuit and  you will be on your marry way! 

Have a delightful day y'all! :)

I thought this was funny...

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