Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birthday Surprise & Weekend Workout

It's the WEEKEND! I hope everyone is having a fun-filled Saturday :) Well this week I had a birthday and Drew planned a surprise for me...let's just say I was a bit excited when I found out it was a dinner cruise! 

 The boat we were cruising on for the evening...

 Once we had our seats (mine included an awesome Happy Birthday balloon) we were able to serve ourselves to the buffet. Here is a picture of a plate I got...

 The flatbread looks like it is taking over the plate! It was a bit dry so I only ate some of it, but I liked the rosemary baked in.

 There was a decent selection of food offered, which also included mixed vegetables (delish), mashed potatoes, a pasta dish, and two different kinds of meat which I forget what they were...whoops. I also got a dessert plate that had half a brownie and half a cookie bar. Of course this was my favorite part of the meal!

The views were the best part of the experience...

Overall, this was one of the best birthday presents! Thank you so much Drew! 


On another note here is a  present I was so excited to receive...
 A SALAD SPINNER! Yes, I get super excited about getting any kind of kitchen related product for my birthday...I'm a dork.

And because I feel like rambling on and on here is the workout I did this morning in our apartment fitness center. It got a bit sweaty...

Saturday Circuit  -->2 rounds (:50/:10)

1. Squat+ Curl to Press (I used 20 lb. DB's...they were the lightest there, yes, ridiculous.)

2. Burpee+Tuck Jump

3. Single Arm/Single Leg/Bent Over Row (I used a 20 lb. DB)

4. Switch Lunge

5. Dive Bombers

6. Goblet Squat (I used 30 lb. DB)

7. Dips

8. Leaning Towers ( I used 10 lb. plate)

9. 10 High Knees+ 5 Squat Thrusts

10. Hanging Leg Raises

I hope everyone has a relaxing evening and a great rest of your weekend! :)

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